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Course Outline

This course provides a comprehensive guide of how computer interfaces operate, including both desktop and mobile platforms, and how to obtain the best possible user experience when working with them. The course covers work methods, practical tools, informational enrichment and exercise workshops

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Introduction to the world of UX
UX vs. UI – the roles of characterizers, designers and developers
Behavioral patterns
  • Tracking eye movements
  • Prototypes
  • A/B testing
  • Deep ideas
  • Presumed tasks
  • Statistical testing vs. quality testing
  • Statistical sampling and conclusions
  • Expert testing
  • Path validation
  • Cognitive processes and exercises
Design Thinking Principles
  • Typography
  • Composition
  • Trends
Design Libraries - Practical Exercise
  • Available design libraries (Google Fonts, etc.)
  • Practical exercise
Interface Necessity
  • Pre-setup client survey
  • Site analysis
Practical Exercise
  • Data architecture
  • Persona building
  • User journey
  • Practical exercise
Characterization and Wireframes
  • Characterization
  • Wireframes
Characterization Document
  • Characterization document
  • The need for documentation
  • Usability testing
  • Practical exercise
Mobile environments
  • Mobile environments and responsive applications
  • Ready-for-use features, the need for prototypes, design trends, and animation
Final project
  • Final project workshop and presentation


  • Basic knowledge of human engineering and user interface design

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How to obtain the best possible user experience
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Target Audience

    • Israel
    • Poland
    • USA
    • Russia
    • India
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