Reverse Engineering


5 Days

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Course Outline

This course covers reverse engineering, and provides students with the knowledge & practical training needed to excel at one of the most desired skills in hacking. The course teaches students about malware activity, and how to bypass limitations, such as antidebugging and VM detection techniques.

Lessons in the course provide in-depth coverage of the many methods used in reverse engineering. Topics include Assembly language, CPU & RAM architecture, malware disassembly & debugging, program patching, anti-debugging, and VM detection.

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Hello Assembly
  • What is Assembly
  • CPU architecture
  • Registers types & structure
  • Commands in RAM & RAM’s structure
  • Stack & Heap
  • Comparisons - cmp, zf instructions
  • Basic C
  • Introduction to IDA
Malware Disassembly
  • IDA overview
  • Jumping between display
  • Code-flow analysis
  • Code segments
  • Variables identifications
  • Arithmetic identification
  • Conditions identification
Malware Debugging
  • Debugging process
  • Software & Breakpoint
  • ollyDBG overview
  • Following the stack
  • Stepping
Patching & Anti-debugging
  • Combined analysis
  • Runtime manipulation
  • Changing code-flow
  • Patching
Patching & Anti-debugging
  • Anti-debugging
  • PEB
  • VM detection
  • Anti-debugging & VM detection Bypass


  • Working knowledge of Windows OS, Linux OS, and information security
  • Programing background in C, Python, or Java

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Bypass underlying VM detection mechanisms”
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