R-T Linux Embedded


4 Days

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Course Outline

This intensive hands-on course will teach you about Linux internals, kernel APIs Linux start-up process. Kernel driver structure, Daemons standard and customize, UNIX file system,

UNIX process and threads structure, Inter process communication and synchronization methods and more.

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  • Unix history
  • Unix file system structure
  • Unix kernel layers
  • UNIX startup and initrd
  • Standard Daemons
  • The /etc. scripts
Basic IO
  • Stream
  • System calls
  • File manipulation
  • Links
Signals and interrupts
  • Signal handlers
  • Timers
  • Signal APIs
  • Interrupt APIs
  • Standard way to handle interrupts in user space
  • The UNIX interrupt service routine
Process and threads
  • Process life cycle
  • Fork
  • Orphans & zombies
  • Exec command
  • System command
  • Daemons
  • ipes
  • Named pipes
  • Message queues
  • Sockets
  • Shared memories
  • Accept/read/wait APIs
Synchronization methods
  • Semaphores
  • Semaphore calls
  • Mutex
Debugging Linux kernel
  • Working with kernel drivers as file descriptors
  • The Linux Scheduler
  • Working on a working driver structure and example
  • Linux procfs and sysfs


  • C/C++ programming knowelge
  • knowledge on bash commands
  • working in a UNIX environment

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A comprehensive overview on Linux internals for both developers and architects
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Target Audience

    • Israel
    • Poland
    • USA
    • Russia
    • India
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