Linux Security


5 Days

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Course Outline

Linux has become very popular in recent years due to its use for IoT products and benefits for Information Security personnel. This course teaches students how to manage and operate the Ubuntu Debian Linux open-source operating system. In particular, it focuses on the Kali Linux Cyber Security distribution. Students will also be taught the security aspects and hardening of Linux environments.

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Introduction to Linux
  • Linux History
  • Distributions
  • Open-source philosophy
  • Linux installation
  • CLI vs GUI
CLI Fundamentals
  • CLI & terminal emulators
  • Filesystem structure
  • Command structure
  • Navigating in the filesystem
  • Gathering system information
  • Grep basics
  • Find and Locate
  • History
  • Piping
Users and permissions
  • Users
  • Password management
  • Groups
  • Permissions
  • Sticky bit and PATH
Networking & system management
  • Network testing using Ping and Traceroute
  • Networking files and configuration
  • Updating network configuration
Package Management
  • Package installation
  • APT vs YUM
  • Git concepts
  • Apache installation
  • Other applications
Services and hardening
  • Common services and protocols
  • SSH and SCP
  • FTP setup & configuration
  • Samba setup & configuration
  • Hardening services
Bash scripting
  • Bash scripting introduction
  • Script input and output
  • Conditions &Arithmetic operators
  • Working with archives
  • File integrity
  • Crontab
Host Security
  • Linux external mounting
  • Boot protection
  • PAM
  • SELinux & AppArmor
  • Privilege escalation
  • Crontab security
Network Security
  • iptables
  • firewalld
  • fail2ban
  • Log monitoring
  • Apache secure configuration
  • SSH secure configuration


  • Working knowledge of computer networking, and information security principles.
  • Good understanding of communication protocols.
  • Basic understanding of operating systems.

Upcoming Meetings

Students will also be taught the security aspects and hardening of Linux environments”
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Target Audience

    • Israel
    • Poland
    • USA
    • Russia
    • India
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