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Course Outline

The main objective of this course it to learn git, its internals and how git works behind the scenes. On the one hand Git is the most popular SCM tool but on the other hand git is the most complicated one of them, so users need to get familiar with git and its abilities and internals. In this course the user will get to know how to use GIT efficiently on a daily basis with focus on what are branches and what is the recommended way to use them.


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  • The history of git SCSS, RCS
  • Key Features :DVCS, 3-states, Storage, Heuristics
  • What is 3-states and why do we need it.
  • What can we do with the 3-states
  • Smudge - Clean
  • Configuration: Aliases, CRLF, .gitconfig, .gitkeep, gitignore
  • What is git commit, how does git store snapshots
  • The basic & most common git commands
  • Init / clone
  • add / rm
  • commit
  • status
  • checkout
  • log
  • What are branches
  • Branches command
  • checkout
  • fetch
  • branch
  • merge
  • pull / push
  • SourceTree is a Git Gui
  • Practice
  • Single branch, Multiple branches
  • Single remote branch
  • Multiple remote branches, Multiple branches and users
  • Merge / Rebase
  • What is git merge
  • How does git merge branches
  • ff, no-ff, rebase, merge-commit
  • Merge strategies
Git Flow
  • What is git flow
  • Deep understanding of the git flow model
  • How do we scale it
  • What are the different branches & dots
  • How can we use the gitflow scripts for automating the flow
  • Best practice for git flow
  • Hands on the git flow abilities & automation
Advanced Topics
  • bisect , stash
  • squash
  • submodule / subtree
  • rerere
  • assume-unchanged
  • cherry-pick
  • fake merge / detailed merge
  • git LFS , worktree
  • auto completion / auto correct
  • reflog . tags
  • notes , hooks , clean
Pull Request
  • What is pull request
  • Why should we always use it
  • What does pull request includes
  • CI/CD


  • None specified.

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There are no upcoming meetings for this course.
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How to use GIT efficiently on a daily basis”
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