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2 Days

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Course Outline

Advanced course for consistent Microsoft Excel users who are interested in expanding their knowledge of how to work with the application’s complex and intelligent functions and formulas. The objective of the course is to teach proper and efficient Excel work practices

and offer tools that can help manage databases in faster and more useful ways.

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Cell Design
  • Cell definition
  • Design customization
  • Conversion of dates displayed as text
  • Text in columns
  • Mastery of data management, including cell definition
  • Data conversion tools for new templates
  • Flash Files – automatic data population
Conditional Criteria Based Design
  • Data display using colors & symbols in accordance with criteria defined by formulas
Data Verification to Prevent Duplications and Errors
  • a box should not be opened
  • a table should not be designed
  • columns should not be deleted without data verification
Sorting and Filtering Table Data in a Fast and Efficient Manner
  • Customized and advanced data sorting
  • Filtering data into a new table without modifying the original table
Calculations and Formulas
  • Simple formulas
  • Cell fixing
  • Logical – IF, nested IF, IFERROR, combining AND, OR and IF
  • Calculation - subtotal, sumif, sumifs, countif, averageif
  • Information – vlookup, hookup, index, match
  • Date – month, day, weekday, workday
  • Text – extraction, find and replace
Two Methods of Data Cross-Checking
  • Vlookup
  • Conditional design
Two Methods of Table Data Merging
  • Consolidate
  • Power queries
  • Pivot tables
  • GetPivotData function Two Methods of Table Data Merging Module 08 ו Consolidate ו Power
Dashboards – Excel’s Control Center
  • Creating interactive & efficient dashboards and indicators


  • Basic working knowledge of Excel

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How to work with the application’s complex and intelligent functions & formulas
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Target Audience

    • Israel
    • Poland
    • USA
    • Russia
    • India
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